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Sandra Bland Center for Racial Justice

The Sandra Bland Center for Racial Justice is being founded to support the families who suffer similar trauma, to that which I experienced upon Sandra’s sudden and tragic death. Since that time, I have been utilizing my own resources both financial and emotional to support other families who suffer from the consequences of racial injustice in the United States.

During this work, it has become abundantly clear the need for support of these families and related investigate work, far outstrips my personal resources. It is also clear that to make a significant impact to help these families, the work I have been doing needs to be scaled up significantly and immediately. To reach these families, I have decided to create a not-for-profit to provide an opportunity to build a center to serve these family’s needs.

The vision of the Sandra Bland Center is to build a suite of resources and leaders in local communities to provide the following resources and solutions:

Family Support

Emergency & Long-Term Support
Immediate emergency and long-term support for the families.
Mental Health Counseling
Mental Health Counseling through the development of a network of community therapists who may be called upon to provide local and immediate support when needed.
Remote Mental Health Support
Host a metal health online/phone service to field calls and immediate support.
Legal Counseling
A network of legal advisor both volunteer and paid; committed to racial justice and have experience in this work.
Provide Private Investigation
Access to private investigators to assist the families in uncovering and support legal efforts that the families need.

Investigative Efforts

Support Professional Reporting
Support to experienced investigative journalists for racial injustice related reporting.
Critical Racial Data Collection
Support for the collection of critical Racial Data and distribution of findings.
Local Journalist Training & Support
Training and support for local journalists to learn how to best cover these issues.

Information Dissemination

Media/Network Campaigns
Development of media and network campaigns to push for reforms and bring awareness to the issues of racial justice, through the unique views and experiences of families.
Empirical Data/Study Dissemination
Publication and dissemination support for researchers and empirical data/studies.

I know this is truly an ambitious undertaking, and I have already recruited experts and volunteers who have the same vision and passion for this work that I do. It is incredibly exciting to see the individuals around the country who are willing to offer help and their networks and labor to help make this center a reality.

Sandra Bland Center for Racial Justice

Sandra’s Story

Sandra Bland was days from starting a new job with her alma mater, Prairie View A&M University, when DPS Trooper Brian Encinia pulled her over, alleging she had failed to signal a lane change. The incident was so minor that Encinia was ready to end it with a written warning. But instead of giving her the warning and letting her go, in a split second Encinia became enraged that an African American woman dared exercise her rights. He then tried to pull her out of her car and threatened to taser her. “I’m going to light you up,” he said. Encinia then threw Bland to the ground and planted his knee on her back. She was arrested, and after spending three days in jail, she died in her cell.

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